A Message from our CEO

Yuki Nakayasu
President and CEO of Minsetsu

Yuki Nakayasu has worked as an analyst at UBS Securities and Credit Suisse Securities, focusing on the small and mid-cap, and IT sectors.

In June 2015, he founded Minsetsu Inc. and became President and Representative Director. He received his master’s degree from the Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University in 2006.

As a securities analyst, I examined and analyzed many IT and small to medium sized businesses for 10 years

It was my 9th year that brought me the foundation of Minsetsu – when, for the first time, I did an analyst coverage on Infomart Corporation.

Infomart Corporation is a company that provides a purchase order/receipt and invoice platform to corporations, and the market capitalization back then was 30 billion Japanese yen. I was intrigued by the company’s business model, and the more I researched, the more I realized how socially significant the company was and how high the barriers to entry were.

This company will get bigger!

Back then, not many investors knew of the company’s existence, nor did many analysts at securities firms cover the company. Nevertheless, I started an analyst coverage on the company along with issuing an industry analysis report. I provided opportunities for Japanese/global investors to get to know the company, such as holding a seminar with the company’s CEO, Mr. Murakami, as a guest speaker and planning an IR meeting with overseas investors.

The company’s market capitalization bumped up to 70 billion yen, and I had a feeling that I could take the initiative on increasing the company’s presence, not only in the business field but also in the capital market

The investors then gave me feedback such as, “Thank you for making us aware of such a  good company” from the CEO and “Thank you for the opportunity to meet new investors” from the Managing Director.

It truly was the most rewarding event in my analyst career.

I founded Minsetsu Inc. in 2015 with the hope of creating more such events in the world, – where investors can learn about good companies, resulting in stronger bonds and increased satisfaction between the two parties.

After a year of planning and structuring the service, in April 2016, I released Minsetsu (“Minna no Setsumeikai” – Everyone’s Financial Results Briefings), an informative website on financial results briefings for investors and analysts. This website collects and provides result briefing schedule information that previously was unconsolidated (the number of companies listed: more than 2,300). Investors and analysts have said “Now we participate in more briefings than before”, and the companies have commented, “We see more participants in our briefings”.

Minsetsu, Inc. will keep growing as a company that “builds bonds between companies and investors,” providing a service to delight both companies and investors.

Our Mission


Create exciting investment opportunities for investors 
Mr. Warren Buffett said, “All there is to investing is picking good stocks at good times and staying with them as long as they remain good companies.”

It is rare to encounter companies that you would like to support with your heart. That makes it even more exciting and unforgettable when you finally find them.

Minsetsu creates “opportunities for investors to meet companies that they will fully support,” aiming at such yield ability that goes beyond their expectation in the mid to long term.


Create opportunities for companies to be invested
The creation of sustainable corporate value is actualized by the co-creation of companies and the investors. The co-creation requires high quality dialogue and engagement with an understanding of reciprocity relationships with each other.

By providing a platform to engage in dialogue and share corporations’ mid to long term strategies with investors, Minsetsu provides opportunities, not just for selling and buying, but “opportunities for companies to get fundamentally invested.”


Company nameMinsetsu, Inc.
Line of BusinessIR meeting arrangement service for investor,
1on1 meeting calendar service for IR,
Management of website “Minna no Setsumeikai (Financial Results Briefings)”
Corporate headquarters1 – 8 – 1 Nihonbashi-Kayabacho , Chuo ku Tokyo 103 0025 Japan
EstablishmentJune 2015
RepresentativePresident and CEO Yuki Nakayasu